Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 6th October 2017 Margaret Deuchar


From time to time I have given you the update on Maureen & Brian Lake’s Knytshall Cora Sun Drop of Maurbrea (Fern). Maureen for many years showed judged and bred Elkhounds. A couple of years ago she decided she would like another puppy but wanted a smaller bred and chose a Buhund. Maureen did not want to show but it soon became clear that Fern would like to have an ‘activity’. Maureen tried Agility but decided it would be difficult to keep up with Fern. Flyball and scenting seemed more suitable with Fern really taking to scenting and it was a ‘scenting’ dog that she joined the parade of activity dogs at the 50th Anniversary. Maureen recently sent me the following: – “Since the Anniversary show I have dropped the fly ball as they were very competitive and I just could not see me being able to devote a whole weekend to competitions even if we ever managed to make the ‘A’ team. We have concentrated on the scent work instead, as she really is very good at it. We have just started a new term having completed a four hour work out prior to the new term. Only one person has dropped out of our team, so the instructor moved one from another team who is nearly up to our standard. At the moment we have three Labs, four GSDs and Fern, she may be the smallest but she is really smart at finding things. I have put her in for a four hour manhunt in the woods, another workshop which you can volunteer for and most of the group will be doing. The scent work is harder now as they are moving upwards. Every evening we give her a test by hiding the scent item, we try to find different places, in things, on, under, inside and honestly she is so sharp it’s lovely to see her work .The main thing is that she is really having fun which is what it is all about. I do hope there will be more fun days with Buhunds, we really did enjoy the one at the 50th Anniversary”.  Yes Maureen we hope that we will be able to arrange another fun day, perhaps with an Obreedience Heat or Rally.

On the other side of the world in Australia Caroline Russell Catt and Dr Roberta Crouch’s Aus Ch Kimura Viking (Imp Nor) Eric, followed up his success at the Royal Adelaide show by going BOB at the Melbourne Royal show and was a finalist in the Working Dog group. He is by Nor Ch Kimura’s Peer Gynt x Nor Ch Kimura’s Nelly and is litter brother to Kirsty Irvine’s Kimura’s Vera with Tapui, they are great grandson and daughter of Kirsty’s homebred Ch Tapui Tane, who won BOB on three occasions at Crufts and had 23CCs .He was also BIS  at the club’s Millennium Ch show judged by Terge Lindstrom of the Kimura Kennel and a few month later he went  to  the Kimura Kennel for a holiday to help the gene pool  in Norway and  be shown, becoming a Norwegian and Swedish Ch and was BIS at an  all breeds Ch show in Norway .

In the US Faye Adox who visited for our 50th Anniversary had success over last weekend with her AKC GCH Fabraja Protector of the Realm (Ghost),he recently received a certificate confirming he is now an International Ch, he is by GCH Trollheimen Kiss My Cash x GCH Trollheimen’s Pink Tourmaline. On the Saturday there was the Suffolk KC show in New York and the following day two shows on one day run by Westbury Kennel Assoc in Oyster Bay New York. Ghost ended the weekend with 3 Groups firsts  and 1 RBIS in the National Owner Handler sections  and a general Group 3 & 4 .I think you could say they definitely had a very successful 2 days with some lovely rosettes to prove it. The weather stopped the show on one day with torrential rain and thunder and lightning, so not here that there are difficult conditions at outside shows.

Margaret Deuchar

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